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Mainland Greece

Mainland Greece is overflowing with natural wonders, ancient sites and archaeological marvels.  Uncover Greece’s glorious past while experiencing the local hospitality and culture in Athens and the picturesque village of the Mainland.  There is no denying that that some of the most beautiful and interesting places in Greece are on the mainland in areas like the Peloponnese, Delphi and Meteora.

Voyage into the Peloponnese for the spectacular landscapes, small mountain towns and unparalleled ancient sites, including Olympia, Corinth, Mystras and Epidavros.  Breathtaking scenery and away from large, urban hubs, the serene sparsely populated mountain and seaside villages welcome visitors to traditional Greek living at its finest.

Known in ancient times as the center of the universe, explore the charming village of Delphi and its ancient temples where some say something magical still resonates.  Visti the dramatic remains of ancient Delphi where countless pilgrims and Kings traveled to seek advice for their pressing matters from the oracle.  Spend time exploring the Archaeological Museum where several of the significant pieces from the sanctuary are housed. 

Discover the monastic community of Meteora that rest s atop awe-inspiring peaks that ascend to the sky hovering over the town of Kalambaka.  Believed to have been inhabited by hermits as early as the 11th century, the rock formations were chosen as the location of a series of 21 gravity-defying Byzantine monasteries.

Activities while in Mainland Greece

> 4 Day Mainland Greece Tour

This four-day/three night tour starts by traveling along the Saronic Gulf coastal road to the Corinth Canal. Visit Ancient Corinth where St. Paul spoke to the Corinthians. We drive across the Peloponnese until we reach Sparta.  Here you will see the huge statue of Leonidas, in his hometown, made popular by the movie 300.  Also see the remains of the palace and the theater there.  Next, we move on to Mistras, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, with its churches and monasteries.  After our visit to Mistras we take the road for Olympia, where we will spend our first night.

Your second day begins with Ancient Olympia, which gained its fame as a sanctuary of Zeus and Hera. The site also contains a wealth of other small shrines, gymnasiums and sculptors workshops. According to tradition, here is where the Olympic games were founded in 776 B.C.  It is from here that the Olympic torch is still lit and carried to whatever corner of the world the modern Olympiads are held in.  In the museum see exhibits of unique sculptural masterpieces, such as Praxiteles Hermes, Paeoneus Victory, Apollo and many other art treasures.  Leave Olympia and continue to mainland Greece and  journey to the quaint village of Arahova where you will have dinner, have the time to wander through the streets and rest for the night.

On day three, the morning will be spent by seeing  Delphi, once considered to be the center of the universe.  Delphi is probably best-known for the oracle at the sanctuary that became dedicated to Apollo during the classical period.  You will visit the archaeological site dedicated to the god Apollo and will also see the impressive museum there.  We make our way to Kalambaka with a stop at Gravia.  This is where Odysseus Androutsos, with about 100 men, stopped 8 thousand Turks.  Over 400 of the Turks died, while Androutsos lost only 2 of his men.  Now, it is on to Kalambaka, driving through Lamia.  We make a stop in Domokos for coffee and we end the day at your hotel in Kalambaka.

Day four begins with seeing Meteora - a unique and impressive place with ageless monasteries that are perched on top of huge, monolithic granite rocks. Visit 3 of the monasteries that seem to be suspended between earth and sky containing priceless historical and religious treasures. Many pieces of Byzantine art are also found here.  The view from the monasteries is something that you will never forget.  Making our way back to Athens, we will stop again in Domokos for coffee or lunch.  You will also see the giant statue of Leonidas in Thermopiles made popular recently with the movie 300.  For 3 days the Persians battled against the vastly outnumbered Greeks.  Although it was clear that the Persians were going to win, Leonidas stayed and fought the final battle with only 300 men from Sparta.  Our last stop is in Arkista, on the water, for a little rest before reaching Athens.

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